Convergences and Divergences in the Work of Castoriadis, Olin Wright and Bauwens and Kostakis

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* Article: From Socialism to Open Cooperativism: Convergences and Divergences in the Work of Castoriadis, Olin Wright and Bauwens & Kostakis. By Dr. Papadimitropoulos Evangelos. Global Journal of HUMAN-SOCIAL SCIENCE: Volume 18 Issue 4 Version 1.0 Year 2018



"This article attempts at integrating core socialist elements, analyzed through the prism of Castoriadis’s and Wright’s work, into a model of open cooperativism between Commonsbased peer production, ethical market entities and a partner state, introduced by Bauwens and Kostakis. It concludes with a critical appraisal of Bauwens and Kostakis’s model."


"I build on Castoriadis’s and Wright’s work by introducing Bauwens and Kostakis’s model of open cooperativism, which, I argue, integrates some core socialist elements penetrating both Castoriadis’s and Wright’s work. I make the case that, in comparison with Castoriadis’s project and Wright’s socialist transformation strategy, Bauwens and Kostakis’s model of open cooperative ism carries the advantage of sketching out some more concrete pathways towards a post-capitalist society built on the premises of information and communication technologies. The Internet and free/open source software/hardware can mutatis mutandis sustain glocal mutual coordination of Commons-based peer production that has the potential to force capitalism to adjust to a Commons transition in the long run. However, Bauwens and Kostakis’s model does not come without deficiencies. They seem at times to stick to a technocratic and economistic vision of selfinstitutionalization. To address this limitation, it is crucial to give a more vibrant political spin to their technical and bio-economic rationality with the aim to reverse the current tide of individualism towards a voluntary cooperative political ecology. It is essential to reinvent the political to face the big challenges lying at the intersection of technology, economy, and society" (,_Olin_Wright_and_Bauwens_and_Kostakis)