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= A Code of Conduct for Open Source Projects.



"Open Source has always been a foundation of the Internet, and with the advent of social open source networks this is more true than ever. But free, libre, and open source projects suffer from a startling lack of diversity, with dramatically low representation by women, people of color, and other marginalized populations.

Often it is the unintentional assumptions and actions of project maintainers and participants that make open source projects unwelcoming (or even hostile) to marginalized people: making assumptions about gender or race, reinforcing stereotypes, using sexualized or otherwise inappropriate language, or demonstrating a lack of regard for the safety and well-being of vulnerable people.

One way to begin addressing this problem is to be overt in our openness, welcoming all people to contribute, and pledging in return to value them as whole human beings and to foster an atmosphere of kindness, cooperation, and understanding.

Adopting the Contributor Covenant can be one way to express and codify these values and signal your intention to make your open source community welcoming, diverse, and inclusive."

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