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"The contributions log is an important module of the infrastructure that helps value network affiliates/members to log their contributions into the value accounting system. Contributions can be of different types. All contributions need to be evaluated in context, based on their impact on projects or on the value network as a whole." (


Contributions map individual assets. The main idea behind the open value network model is to allow individuals to invest with whatever they have, thus reducing the dependency on financial assets. This is the essence of commons-based peer production.

Time-based contributions: are characterized by a continuous labor, small tasks. Examples are office work, R&D, infrastructure work, marketing, etc. NOTE that time is only an indicator of the value created.

Material contributions: contributions with tools, equipment, parts, consumables... Space contributions: contributions with a space, physical (offering a laboratory) or virtual (hosting a website).

Financial contributions: contributions in cash, for example buying something or making a cash infusion Contributions with social capital: opening new markets, bringing new clients, creating new interfaces with other networks, recruiting new members...

Contributions with natural capital: renewable energy, resources and materials...

add other... " (


"Make the process of logging contributions easy, intuitive and fun

Dynamically adapt to changes in the value network: new affiliates, new projects, new governance...

Fit different types of activities: R&D, manufacturing, ... " (