Consumption Corridor

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Ian Gough:

""The major alternative to green growth is radical degrowth in the rich zones of the world. Yet how to transition from 21st century capitalism to an utterly different economic principle and system is far from clear. In my own view a crucial component of that transition will be to recompose consumption in the rich world: to reduce consumption emissions by switching from high- to low-carbon goods and services (without necessarily at this stage cutting overall consumption expenditure). To make this fair or just would then entail the idea of a ‘consumption corridor’, between minimum consumption standards, allowing every individual to live a good life, and maximum standards, ensuring a limit on every individual’s use of natural and social resources in order to guarantee a good life for others in the present and in the future. This means drawing distinctions between necessities and luxuries; or between necessities, comfort goods, and luxuries. And this takes us back to need theory." (