Constitutional Assembly of the Commons

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Via Silke Helfrich's Commons Timeline:

"ROME / ITALY, APRIL 13, 2013 –> FATTI BENE: COSTITUENTE DEI BENI COMUNI. Italy has perhaps the most robust and political commons movement. It has emerged in the context of reclaiming control over fundamental common goods (especially water and culture) and the democratic processes that govern access to and control over them. The Italian beni comuni movement showcases the constituent power of the commons in the context of a declining nation-state and the top-down economic constitutionalism of international economic institutions. The Constitutional Assembly of the Commons held its first session with 700 participants at the occupied Teatro Valle, a revered opera house in Rome that itself was reclaimed as a commons on April 13. Meanwhile four more assemblies have taken place – in L’Aquila, Pisa, Rome and Padova." (