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Series of interview by the authors of the book Connected Marketing, with similar experts on viral marketing, buzz marketing etc... Six were available by February 15, 2006.


Paul Marsden: Exclusive interview with the opinion leader marketing research and product seeding trials expert who has a PhD in social contagion. Paul discusses the science of influencer marketing and makes practical recommendations on how to seed, what to seed and to whom in order to ignite consumer conversations. He ends by discussing the economics of buzz and how consumer advocacy has been proven to drive business growth.

Martin Oetting: Exclusive interview with author and marketing consultant Martin Oetting who researches word of mouth, viral and buzz marketing at ESCP-EAP European School of Management (Berlin). Martin provides an overview of connected marketing tactics, techniques and issues, including consumer empowerment, ethics, definitions, measuring ROI, delivering experiences that exceed expectations, and more. He also reveals his predictions for the future of connected marketing both in Germany and globally.

Schuyler Brown: Exclusive interview with the Co-creative Director of [email protected] RSCG in New York. Schuyler is an expert in buzz marketing innovations and emerging trends. She reveals how consumers now focus on their 'pop life' rather than real life; how trendspotting can help brands create buzz; how brands can buy their way into the glamorous life and still look like they've been invited to the party rather than bought their way in; her opinions about the backlash against buzz marketing; how buzz marketing can play a complementary role with above-the-line advertising; and more.

Graham Goodkind: Exclusive interview with the founder and chairman of Frank PR, one of the UK's fastest-growing public relations consultancies. Graham is an expert in buzzworthy PR. He discusses how good PR campaigns not only generate media coverage, but also stimulate word of mouth by getting people talking. He looks at the impact that user generated media will have on the way PR ignites consumer conversations; how traditional PR measurement doesn't go far enough to prove the success of campaigns; and how to conduct B2B PR. He also reveals Frank PR's Talkability� process and gives us his predictions for the future of buzzworthy PR.

Idil Cakim: Exclusive interview with the Director of Knowledge Development at Burson-Marsteller, New York. Idil specialises in interactive marketing and custom research. Quoting study data and examples, she discusses the enormous influence of online opinion leaders, why they are so important for marketers to target, and how companies can best identify and reach them.

Emanuel Rosen: Exclusive interview with the author of the bestselling book, Anatomy of Buzz. Emanuel reveals how businesses should deal with the rise of user-generated media such as blogs; why marketers should never confuse influencers with happy customers; why there is growing interest from advertisers in word of mouth marketing; and more.