Comparison of Organizational Forms

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How different Organizational Forms create, deliver, and capture Value.

Core Concepts (please reduce)

  • Who owns the Means of Production?
  • Who owns the Product?
  • How are these limited resources Allocated?
  • Can these material assets be bought and sold?
  • How is Profit treated?
  • How are Workers compensated?
  • How are Investors compensated?
  • Is Abundance good or bad?
  • Is Automation good or bad?
  • Is Work a goal to maximize or a hurdle to minimize?
  • Can 'regular' money be used within the system?
  • Does the system provide an 'alternate' currency?
  • How does the latecomer gain his own stake?
  • Can the organization arbitrarily refuse admittance?
  • How are Public Works funded?
  • How are collective decisions made?
  • How does a willing Worker know what needs to be done?
  • How is Freeriding avoided?
  • How are borders between 'public' and 'personal' property established?
  • Who or how do we decide what and how much to produce?
  • How do we avoid the Tyranny of the Majority?

Various Approaches (please expand)