Community Land Ownership Outperforms Private

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Community Land Scotland, the representative body of Scotland’s community land owners has today (Monday 21st April) published economic indicators data of community ownership. The report demonstrates remarkable results showing that community ownership can out-perform the past private ownership of the land in question. Among the key results for 12 communities operating in some of Scotland’s most remote areas is:

  • Over 300 new or refurbished housing units and house plots delivered
  • Owners direct employment up 368% to over 100 jobs
  • Business turnover up 254% to over £6m annually
  • Number of private enterprises operating up over 100% with over 100 new enterprises
  • Contracts and local staff value to local economy up 434% to £2.5m annually
  • 7MW renewable energy capacity installed
  • £34m new investment delivered
  • £25m further investment already planned
  • Value of assets rising to £59M
  • Population growth occurring