Community Food System

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"What is a community food system? I use the term ‘food system’ to refer to all processes involved in providing us with food. For example, growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting, marketing, consuming and disposing of food. The food system also extends outwards to include the inputs needed and outputs generated at each of the processes in the food system. The system is also influenced at each process by human resources that provide labour, research, development and education. And then from a system perspective the food system does not operate in isolation but functions within and is influenced by the social, economic and natural environments.

Food systems can operate at any level. We feel greatest connection when it operates at the local or community level. Therefore, a local or community food system is promoted as an ideal – a food system in all processes in the food system occur in the one spatial area and in which all processes have positive benefits to the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health of that area." (