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= The community finance canvas helps you produce a financial plan to bring your design for a resilient community into being. This approach has been developed by a group within Transition Sweden



"The purpose of the canvas is to help you bring your design for a resilient community closer to a stage where you can start to produce a financial plan.

We have tested it for eco-villages and CSA initiatives, so it is more oriented to food on the table and a roof over the head, but we believe it could be used for communities that might have less infrastructure too, like just a village hall, or a set of allotments.

A group within Transition Sweden connected to JAK bank (interest free banking) produced it through a series of trial and error. We are not finished but we offer this version for you to try. If you would like more information and tips before you start, please visit the website A Very Beautiful Place to download instructions and information sheets.

To begin, we suggest you print the canvas out, or copy it onto large paper and hang it on the wall or spread it out over a large table. Then you can use the canvas to visualize how the community might function when it is fully developed. This stimulates creativity, seeing multiple uses for buildings and other objects and ways to create a sustainable life together – from a financial, social and ecological point of view." (


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