Community Energy Practitioners Forum - UK

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"In early 2010 a number of community organisations got together to discuss how best to help communities. We decided that we could best help by sharing ideas, experience and information. The group that we set up is called the Community Energy Practitioners' Forum.

It was set up to provide a coordinated and coherent voice and pool of expertise for effective community energy action. It aims to counter potential confusion between the many third sector organisations operating in the area. It is designed to provide a means of bringing together a greater scale of know-how, creativity and support for communities striving to put in place large energy and carbon reduction projects.

Aiming to move community action on energy closer to the centre of the UK’s response to climate change and energy security CEPF aims to:-

  • Establish a coherent and consistent common voice to help inform and shape policies and programmes
  • Share knowledge, experience and resources to develop a robust evidence base, raise standards of practice, improve efficiency by reducing duplication and accelerate dissemination of learning.
  • Develop and realise opportunities to collaborate to deliver high quality projects that empower and support community energy action across the UK."