Community Economy Returns

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By Doina Petrescu et al. :

"Community Economy Returns are calculated in four stages: first, in terms of direct financial revenues generated for individuals and for the collective; second, in terms of the estimated value of unpaid labour generated by R‐Urban activities; third, in terms of the estimated value of increased individual capacities that were generated; and fourth, in terms of saved costs to the commons and commoner households, the state, and the planet. Figure 5 shows the (sometimes overlapping) relationship between these methods of calculation and Community Economy Returns. In most of the accompanying tables, returns are grouped into different areas of activity of the project: “Architecture & Construction,” “Gardening & Environmental Care,” “Research, Training & Education,” “Small Business & Jobs Training,” “Care & Governance of the Commons,” and “Human & Social Wellbeing.” These categories all contribute in different ways to the Community Economy Returns shown on the left of Figure 5. Our CEROI calculations are complemented by qualitative data on subjectivity changes with the emerging commoning community." (