Community Balance Metrics

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= methodology used in Barcelona, Spain


By Marina Pera and Sonia Bussu:

"The Community Balance Metrics (CBM) is an instrument of evaluation to visualise the democratic and transformational practices of communitarian activities (Forné & Castro, 2022). CBM is divided into four dimensions: internal democracy, rootedness in the community, social impact and care for people and the environment. It was developed through a collaborative process between the City Council and XEC - Network of Communitarian Spaces with support from a few cooperatives of consultants. XEC has the aim to coordinate and defend communitarian facilities managed all over Catalonia by grassroots organisations, based on principles of horizontal governance and mutual support. XEC covers a range of commons’ activities, from arts and cultural centres to community centres, many of which located in the city of Barcelona, such as Ateneu Popular de 9 Barris dating back to the late 1970s."