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= "a societal plateform connecting citizens to their cities and to local commons"

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Tibor Katelbach:

"Any Citizen can “Communect” : connect to his town. (in french “Communecter” : “connecté à sa commune”).

The system is build on a Citizen Tool Kit making it easy to build applications in a modular way.

We started by the basic 4 core elements of society PEOPLE, ORGANIZATIONS, EVENTS & PROJECTS

At the center, any Citizen only needs his email and Postal Code to start the activity in his town.

he can then invite his other people and build a network

add Organizations (NGOs, ompanies, informal Groups) as local actors

add local Events

add local Projects

The result produces a visualisation and a connected territory of all local actions.

Once Communected people have access to a rich City Tools :

share projects, events, common interests, thoughts and become directly

implicated in the city's life, be informed in real time, vote, propose ideas...

The project is build for the commons and is totaly open source , semantic and inter operable, integrating some cool technical features.

It becomes an interaction platform for citizen's to link to other local people, NGOs, companies and their city hall. A network where local activity is most valued by usage.

By building tools to make it easier for citizens to participate more in local activity will give them a bigger sense of belonging and a new way of interacting on what counts.

The citizen is like a sensor and the system itself is part of the commons and a way to visualize the systemic state of a territory.

It then becomes a great experiment and analysis tool for thinking for the commons based on real local interaction and needs.

we are in the process of building an open societal project or programme called SMARTERRE : Smart Territory

Where we approach every aspect of society and try to compile all best practises.

We keep in mind that the system must respect all aspects of our human rights and build on a natural and finitite environment."