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= initiative to create dialogue between progressive municipalist movements and city governments, and European citizens



"Born in Spain on the initiative of by Empodera Consultores following local election victories of Ahora Madrid, Barcelona in comú, Marea Atlantica València in comú... Commonpolis invites you to rethink Europe's citizens from our cities and villages."


Our concern is the ability to articulate instruments that can facilitate dialogue and the connection between these new municipalists movements by their youth and nature are not yet connected internationally. We see here a lack of relationships and communication despite the common challenges of a globalized society facing a systemic crisis.

To answer this we propose:  

  • Structure within a common area of ​​knowledge capital, experiences, proposals and analyzes of social and political movements in Latin America and the Spanish state are looking to build alternatives to neoliberalism with innovative capabilities and the will bring together citizens for the construction of new social and political majorities.
  • Internationalize this knowledge transformer to other territories, pointing specifically to the territories where citizenship lives a critical time as is the case of France, threatened by the extreme right.


Commonspolis is a Empodera Consultores initiative.

The project is funded by the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation through an agreement established with Empodera Consultores for the development of technical support, translations and support for a few trips between Spain and France.

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