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= "what is being built by the Commons Stack could be considered a commons blueprint, a library of various component templates that are useful for commons management".

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Jeff Emmett:

"Commons Stack infrastructure would facilitate commons initiatives to act more like startups, seeking continuous funding through membership investment, and in return offering common ownership and shared decision making in the use of those funds for effective realization of community goals.


In other words, what is being built by the Commons Stack could be considered a commons blueprint, a library of various component templates that are useful for commons management — funding, decision making, accountability, analytics, etc. These component templates can be mixed and matched by any project looking to create a robustly designed community-driven economy. We aim to empower others to build their own ecosystems, with their own values, localized to their own context and needs." (


Jeff Emmett:

"Although we could go down the rabbit hole with a plethora of components for sustainable commons management, we can identify a few very important puzzle pieces we should start with:

  • A community funding pool is the first step to getting things done for any group. Think of this like the money collected and spent by your government or condo board — except now you get a vote on where it goes.
  • Effective community decision making on how to allocate those funds via a proposal and governance system.
  • Direct, verifiable allocation of funds and transparency in spending member contributions.
  • Tracking and reporting on community operations to iterate on effective work done.

The product of the Commons Stack is a reference implementation of modular system components, a “tech stack for the commons”. Each of the initial components in our reference architecture will address one of the 4 puzzle pieces required for building a digital commons mentioned above:

  • Continuous funding mechanism: Augmented Bonding Curve
  • Biomimetic community decision making: Conviction Voting
  • Transparent, accountable fund escrow & allocation: Giveth Dapp
  • Commons operational analytics: The Commons Dashboard"



Jeff Emmett:

"Giveth and BlockScience are teaming up to build the Commons Stack, with the goal of forwarding the discipline of token engineering and creating a digital infrastructure for commons-based peer production. This project is born out of the research done by Dr. Michael Zargham on alternative funding and governance mechanisms, with POCs being built at ETHDenver, ETHParis, and the Odyssey hackathon through the spring of 2019. We aim to address the world’s biggest problems by building continuously funded digital economies based around community causes to bring about positive change in the world through cyber-physical commons management." (