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Proposal by Jose Ramos:

"The main idea is an easy to implement and functional hospitality network that serves the purposes of:

1. lowering travel costs for commons activists and advocates

2. helps build relationships between people in the commons space across states and countries

3. helps build knowledge of what is happening ‘here and there’ such that inter-state and trans-national coordination and collaboration for commoning projects becomes easier.

How it works:

A group of commons activists and advocates who have spare rooms in their homes sign up to the network.

Ideally we would have 3-6 homes in places like Melbourne, Brisbane, Wellington, Jakarta, Dili etc. where people could potentially stay without having to pay for accommodation (but perhaps contributing for food).

(note: starting scope would be Oceania to be both culturally diverse and inclusive without trying to take on too much).

When a person from one city wants to stay in another, they would contact an ‘ambassador’ from that city that will help facilitate the stay.

The explicit quid pro quo is that the guest needs to develop a presentation or workshop or report that they can give to the host and their community. Thus, there is a built in and agreed upon knowledge exchange so that people can become increasingly aware of non-proximate commoning activities.

After the presentation, the guest also needs to give the ambassador their presentation or report, which then gets shared with the whole network. Thus every time someone stays with someone else, everyone knows and everyone gets an update on activities happening.

A video of the presentation might also be made and made available to the network." (

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