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= CommonsLab is "a social coop and an open collaborative space for the exchange of knowledge and creativity. With the use of open technologies, we organize seminars provide know-how and equipment in order to make technology more accessible to everyone."



"The team of the CommonsLab has the knowledge and skills to provide technological solutions to researches, professionals and hobbyists as well as for simple everyday things.

The CommonsLab has been dealing with commons since 2012 when its members were part of the organizing team of CommonsFest which took part for 3 years in Heraklion, Crete and once in Athens. The CommonsLab has managed to get awards from a national open design competition and a business plan competition for the prototype of the Donation Box. It has cooperated with the department of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Crete where it provided specialized education on 3D printing and has provided seminars to teachers and students in cooperation with the office of the Computer Science Consultant of Eastern Crete. Currently we are in collaboration with the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas to develop solutions for 3D-printing of biological materials and cells.

The CommonsLab team has expertise in open source software & hardware, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, CNC and 3D printing.

The Social Cooperative Enterprise (Koin.S.Ep), under Greek law, is the legal form that expresses best the goals and the values of the CommonsLab, in order to work towards financial sustainability, while serving social goals, by using open technologies and by creating and managing common goods."