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= "an online collaborative platform, an alternative to proprietary software platforms like Google Drive, but respectful with privacy and it doesn't commercialise your data".



"The ambition of the CommonsCloud project is to offer an alternative to proprietary cloud platforms, under the control of its users, replicable as free software and well documented. This is collaborative web applications to edit, store and share documents, agendas, manage projects and facilitate debate and decision-making. The way we do this is through an alliance of collectives committed to free software and digital sovereignty, building on the best web applications that are already out there and bring them together in a user-friendly environment where people help each other, enhance their awareness regarding the power of self-governance and sovereignty.

Collectives and individual users have a say in the decision-making of the CommonsCloud, through the cooperative femProcomuns. Users become co-owners of the CommonsCloud as cooperativists, paying a monthly contribution for the services needed. Users that want to try the service or contribute in other users projects, can access a free account with the basic services. Everyone can choose their contribution according to capacity and needs." (