Commons-Based Responsible Research and Innovation

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= a proposal for CO-RRI is described in the document by Anna Snick below

See the graph below, on 'sustainable regrowth': Table 1. Modelling the impact of various scenarios on economic function and social/ecological wellbeing


More Information

* Article: EU Politics for sustainability: systemic lock-ins and opportunities. Anne Snick


"Since 1972 European leaders have issued policies aimed at safeguarding the wellbeing of ecosystems and the prosperity of all people. Yet the threats have since increased steadily. In terms of system dynamics this indicates a lock-in, mechanisms that make the system veer away from its stated goal. A systemic analysis of EU policies and their (lack of) impact reveals various factors driving the socioeconomic system; a transition in each of them is required for politics to really change course. Four drivers determine the dynamics of the socioeconomic system: technical, social, eco-monetary and paradigmatic. EU policies mostly address the technical driver without taking into account the leverage of the three others. Yet the growing focus within EU research policy on Responsible Resarch and Innovation (RRI) may offer strong opportunities for transition."