Common Asset Trusts for Ocean Commons

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* Article: Common Asset Trusts for blue commons stewardship. By Marcello Hernández-Blanco, Robert Costanza, Tundi Agardy, et al. Marine Policy, Volume 159, January 2024,



"Many ocean ecosystems are open access, blue commons. They range in spatial scale from national, such as mangroves and coral reefs, to the open seas within Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs), to Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ). There are also many species that migrate between national jurisdictions or between national and global blue commons. The sustainable stewardship of these blue commons is one of the most important current global governance challenges. We describe in detail how to create a Common Asset Trust (CAT) for blue commons and how such a system would operate. Finally, we propose CATs to manage blue commons at different spatial scales, including coastal reefs, EEZs, and ABNJ."