Commodity Ecology Mobile Platform

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= "The CEM platform will be the world’s first archive of all sustainable materials in 130 (commodity) categories". [1]


Mark Whitaker et al. :

"The Commodity Ecology Mobile (CEM) platform is an online platform to enfranchise the world in its sustainable development ... to reach cheaply and durably

(1) all people,

(2) all regions, and

(3) all material uses to aid a clean circular economy.

Respectively, it does this by

(1) creating a long-term civic deliberation space taking advantage of the existing network value of over 5 billion mobile phones,

(2) by using 867 ecoregions as a global yet detailed geographic space in which to debate and build such regional sustainable development, and

(3) by using the Commodity way to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 12 (Encourage Sustainable Production and Consumption)."


More information

  • Article: A Circular Economy for the World: The Commodity Ecology Model for Achieving All Sustainable Development Goals. By Mark Douglas Whitaker and Geon-Cheol Shin.Journal of APEC Studies Journal of APEC Studies Vol.12 No.2, 2020