Collaborative for Inclusive Urbanism

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'The role of the city is to provide the contexts that invite people to realize their social, personal, and economic aspirations. This invitation should be available to all. In the service of this goal, we carry out research and develop innovative ideas that lead to designs, policy recommendations, and experiments in practice.

CIU will work in cities worldwide, across the spectrum of development.

CIU was founded at the launch symposium held at the University of Oregon in Eugene, on 17-19 February 2012.

CIU is currently an unincorporated activity, but will be incorporated before the end of 2012. It's most likely form of incorporation will be as a not-for-profit US corporation, with links to US, European and Australian universities and firms.

It will operate as a social enterprise, deriving most of its income from:

   research contracts
   consulting contracts .