Collaborative Lifestyles

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= one of three forms of Collaborative Consumption identified by Rachel Botsman et al.: It’s not just physical goods that can be shared, swapped, and bartered. People with similar interests are banding together to share and exchange less tangible assets such as time, space, skills, and money.


"This system is based on the sharing and exchange of resources and assets such as space, skills, time and money." (


Compiled by Rachel Botsman at [1]:

  1. Coworking: Citizen Space, Hub Culture, The Hub
  2. Social Lending: Zopa, Prosper, The Lending Club
  3. Social currencies: Ven, Quid, TimeBanks, LETSystems, SPICE Timebank
  4. Peer-to-Peer Travel: CouchSurfing, Airbnb, Roomorama, Crashpadder
  5. Taxi Sharing: Taxi2, TaxiDeck
  6. Bartering: Barterquest, OurGoods, ITEX, Bartercard
  7. Gardens: UrbanGardenShare, Landshare, SharedEarth,
  8. Skill sharing: Brooklyn Skill Share, TeachStreet, TradeSchool
  9. Shared Studios/Workshops: 3rd Space Studios, TechShop
  10. Parking spots: ParkAtMyHouse, ParkCirca
  11. Neighborhood Support: WeCommune, Share Some Sugar, Bright Neighbor, Streetbank, The Sharehood
  12. Social Food Networks: GrubWithUs, EatWithMe, HouseFed
  13. Errands and Favor Sharing: Fiverr, TaskRabbit, TradeAFavor