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= The Collaborative Economy Coalition promotes the continued success of collaborative business models by advocating for policy that defends and advances sustainable local enterprise and micro-entrepreneurism.



The Coalition’s Core Functions

Messaging, Marketing & Branding

The Coalition utilizes new media, government relations and traditional marketing to build the foundation for public support and understanding that Collaborative Consumption is good for families, good for local businesses and good for consumers.

Coalition Staff will track media coverage; and, either the CEC Staff or Chief Evangelist (to be selected by founding members) will respond with founders-approved language.

Educate Key Federal, State & Local Leaders

Coalition Staff will arrange events for delegations of Coalition founders to meet with key national, state and city political leaders.

As appropriate, Coalition Staff will arrange targeted speaking opportunities before large groups of policymakers.

Coalition Staff will track legislative proposals and recommend action to the Founders/Board.

Community Organizing/Social Media Advocacy

The Coalition will be the platform to aggregate and organize the community of collaborative consumers and hosts.

As necessary, the website empowers the CEC to mobilize the support of all collaborative users, which will in turn create a powerful army of Twittervangelists. Instantly the CEC can call on supporters to flood the Twitter feeds of relevant political, media and social leaders.


The Coalition’s Core Issues

The CEC will serve as a beachhead for individualized initiatives and legislative advocacy by educating key government officials and thought leaders. Additionally, the CEC will work on common issues that impact nearly all collaborative economic models.


The CEC advocates for short-term tax exemptions for collaborative consumers and sellers.

The CEC advocates for long-term, appropriate tax provisions that allow new collaborative models to develop without simultaneously creating inequitable disadvantages to traditional business models.

Insurance & Liability

The CEC works to create insurance products and laws that work with collaborative models.

Sharing & collaboration will bring a new set of facts to old questions of liability. The CEC works to create best practices and sustainable, efficient models that can prevent traditional liabilities from stymieing new business growth.


The CEC works to mitigate the impact of existing regulations that unintentionally hinder collaborative ventures.

Promote use of sunset clauses and other means to avoid unintended regulatory burdens of archaic laws on the collaborative economy.

Secure broader permiting to support new-business-models.

Obtain grace periods for Start-ups.

Expedite permitting.

Funding & Pilot Program Initiatives

Creation and implementation of funding opportunities to help collaborative consumption ideas get off the ground." (

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