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“This is a project to release all artists from residual lingering ideas, and let someone else make them happen. In 2007, a friend (visual artist Stuart Russell) initiated a project titled 'Something for nothing', which was an offer to other artists to unburden themselves of ideas, too long held, no longer relevant to where your practice now is, or simply impossible - but which have been carefully described in notebooks, filed, boxed, archived and kept within reach. It developed into an exhibition/collection of ideas to be given away, held at Craft Victoria in May, 2007.

The call is to deliver an idea, via email, ([email protected]) or to the front office at the Drama School or as a blog post on the website – as word, film, box, series of tapes…whatever form the gathering of this idea has taken over the years, - You give up the whole thing!

The ideas once collected will be offered / given away as part of Collaborative Contract 2009 as part of the 3rd Year program at the Centre for Ideas at the VCA. These projects will then be offered to the 3rd year groups as a kind of ideas market on Friday February 27th, for them to form groups around and take forward. Final projects will then be shown/exhibited/performed/played at the VCA in May of this year.

Nothing offered will be returned – and if you would like to be recognised as the initiating artist, please attach a letter stating how you would like that worded.“