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= CoAbode: Matching Compatible Single Mothers for Cohousing



By Sharon Ede:

"Many single mothers work tirelessly to ensure they have good affordable housing, while they hold down a job and take care of their children on their own. With around 40 percent of single parents in the U.S. employed in low-wage jobs, single mothers experience high rates of poverty even as they work long hours. Sharing the financial and practical responsibilities of housing, rather than struggling alone, can help make life easier. CoAbode is a service that matches compatible single mothers for shared housing, as well as services and support to make parenting less challenging. Cohousing can result in the mothers sharing their food and child care; it reduces financial costs, frees up time, and enables mutual support. Membership is free, and with 120,000 members registered, there are CoAbode members in many U.S. cities including Brooklyn, San Diego, and Washington DC." (

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The case study excerpt is from the book:

  • Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons. Shareable, 2017