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= Noosphere researcher


Clement Vidal:

"The main focus of my research is the origin of the Universe and the far-future of intelligence, which my book is about. I co-founded a research community with John Smart exploring the idea of an Evolutionary Developmental (Evo Devo) Universe. I use the worldview concept as a framework for integrating insights from different disciplines.

In my current research:

  • In astrobiology, I aim to help organize and develop the field of technosignature research. I aim to test whether binary star systems may be advanced extraterretrial beings -stellivores- and whether extraterrestrials use or have engineered the pulsar positioning system of our galaxy. (see also high energy astrobiology).
  • I aim to better understand, foresee and facilitate the evolution towards ever-stronger interconnection between humans, software and machines. This emergence of a globally distributed intelligence is best conceptualized as a Global Brain, or Noosphere and can be argued to be a major evolutionary transition we are witnessing. For more, see the Global Brain Institute and the Human Energy Project.

I aim to explore the ethical, practical and spiritual implications of the emergence of the noosphere, the epic of evolution, and big history."