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Book. The Civil Corporation. By Simon Zadek. Accountability.


"The Civil Corporation is an award-winning classic, well recognized as the most insightful exploration of contemporary developments in responsible business practices and their implications for business strategy and public policy.

This revised second edition adds a significant new section describing and reflecting on developments since the book’s first publication in 2001. This new material draws on the author’s practical experience over the last five years working as Chief Executive of AccountAbility with some of the world’s leading businesses and public bodies on policies and practices that advance the emerging shift in businesses’ role in society.

This book is top drawer reading for business professionals, management students and academics, and activists and public servants. It goes to the heart of the issue of business in society, cutting through the rhetoric of campaigners and business-speak alike in framing the tough questions in balanced and yet provocative terms. Crucially, it connects an insightful vista of the broader landscape with a set of practical ‘dos’ for businesses and their stakeholders that have stood the test of time.

The accolade of winning the prestigious Academy of Management Award in 2006 confirms that Zadek has achieved what every author aspires to: a book that is both timely and timeless in its application. This revised edition builds on this success by providing new information and insights for practitioners, academics and students." (

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