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= Crowdfunding service for public projects



Russell Wallace:

"CivicSponsor ( is the only platform out there focusing exclusively on public projects. This is important because we work first to make sure all projects we list are supported by the local government. You don't want to be gathering large amounts of cash and then handing it to government, asking that they do with it what you had intended. You need government buy-in beforehand in order to get things done.

Our projects are all guaranteed by the local government to be completed as described if the dollars are raised. And the dollars you give are tax-deductible, so it's a way to offset current and future tax burdens: either you contribute now and get the bike lanes you want in the short-term as well as a tax-deduction, or you wait to be taxed later and hope that government eventually gets to completing the bike lanes.

Our model as a whole is to give people more control over and transparency into public projects. When government is too slow, we allow you to directly fund the things that matter in your home town." (