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Tino Rizzo:

"Borrowing the name from the Copyleft concept and City, Cityleft literally means open source urbanism.

Cityleft showcases and connects urban projects and research investigations conceived and delivered by a network of people, public institutions, and professional practices including AgaTino Rizzo’s academic/professional work.

Founded in 2005 to propagate the activities of a PhD in urban and regional planning at University of Catania, Cityleft is now an independent platform collaborating with many institutions worldwide.

People and organisations converging in Cityleft are concerned with urban studies, planning, architecture, Urban Art Interventions, transdisciplinary research, P2P knowledge, visual investigations, and media art.

Cityleft's work extends from urban domain to the virtual community. In this frame Cityleft works to investigate new urban theories, to deliver innovative practices, and to interpret socio-cultural changes in the contemporary society." (

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