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URL = http://cityleft.blogspot.com/p/p2p-urbanism-world-atlas.html


Tino Rizzo:

"Cityleft and the P2P foundation are working to track down and map P2P urban interventions world-wide. According to the ongoing debate on P2P urbanism we are filtering urban interventions according to the following statement: P2P Urbanism may be understood as that collection of temporary, long-term as well as digital urban interventions carried out cooperatively by, amongst others, inhabitants, professionals, NGOs, public agencies, researchers, activists, artists, sociologists, and urban scientists meant to study, construct, and repair the city in a way that anyone may choose, participate, share, and modify theories, methods, and implementation technologies at any one time.

Therefore we are looking for long-term, urban interventions as well as smaller, temporary urban and digital interventions which can be understood and interpreted as P2P urban philosophy.

A legend has been used to discriminate among:

  • (blue) = temporary P2P urban interventions
  • (red) = long-term P2P urban interventions
  • (green) = other P2P urban-related interventions.

Our ambition is to discover and cover every region of the world in which P2P urban interventions have taken place." (http://p2purbanism.blogspot.com/2010/09/p2p-urbanism-world-atlas-begins.html)

Project Status

Draft wiki holding page at P2P Urbanism Projects‎