Citizen Owned Internet

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You and I are going to grow a grassroots, citizen-owned internet.

Together we can replace the telco's 'last mile' - the communication networks at the neighborhood level - with our own 'first mile' of free and open connectivity. I am launching the connective to give communities around the world the seeds and support they need to own and control the connnectivity in their neighborhoods.


Because a free and open internet is no longer something we can take for granted. A citizen-owned internet will protect our freedoms and privacy, support peer to peer and hyperlocal innovation, and sustain a free and open culture based on cooperation and trust.


For a grassroots internet to take off, communities need a cohesive and polished solution that they can unite around and adapt to their local needs. In short, they need a real alternative to the plug and pay connectivity that their ISPs offer. You can think of the connective as a new kind of internet service provider - one that's cooperative, open and free, and empowers rather than commodifies communities.

Stay Tuned. Lots more to follow in the coming weeks.

Contrast with Worker Owned Internet.