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Circle ID = a community concerned with the internet's core infrastructure


"CircleID's mission is to be an effective community hub for all matters related to the Internet's core infrastructure.

At the forefront of fulfilling this mission, CircleID offers a unique and open web-based platform serving the community and stake holders around the world. Over the years, almost entirely through word of mouth, CircleID has gained the attention and participation of a wide global community including some of the most sought-after Internet authorities and leaders of the industry.

CircleID is well-recognized as a leading online destination for opinions, discussions and analysis of the Internet's core technical infrastructure and policies. CircleID's website is updated daily and read widely by the technical, business, legal and political members of the Internet community around the globe.

CircleID also provides an opportunity for companies and organizations within the industry to effectively share relevant information about their products and services that would be of value to the community. To ensure high-quality and relevancy of the content, all companies and organizations are pre-qualified prior to participation." (