Chronology of Inventions Until 1980

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Via George Smiley [1]:

Ancient. Stone Age tools for at least three million years

4000 BC Pictorial-linguistic writing, Tartaria

3500 BC Bronze in Thailand

pre-3480BC Grain, domesticated animals,

                       silver, gold, tin, lead, zinc,
                       iron, carbon, sulphur, 
                       mercury; levers; wheels
                       and wheeled vehicles;
                       sledges (Scandinavia);
                       stone wall structures; 
                       coal known, but its 
                       potentials unrecognized

3400 BC Irrigation system in Egypt

3000 BC Chinese ideograms,

                       complex generalized 
                       Drainage and sewage  
                       system in India 
                        Dams, canals, pyramids,
                        Heavy stone statues
                        constructed using 
                        inclined plane and lever
                        Pyramids in Egypt 

2200BC Clay maps, Babylon

                         (Next 1200 years 
                          language skills)

1000 BC Phonetics transmitted

                         to Greeks

900 BC Rustproof iron in India

640 BC Ionian Greek, Thales,

                         (the beginning of 

Skip to 200 BC Phoenicians circum-

                          navigate the Earth 

150 BC It is clear that a special

                          chain of Greek 
                          scientists had evolved 
                          a concept of the solar 
                          system. It seems almost 
                          equally clear that 
                          between 200BC and
                          200 AD a deliberately
                          planned policy of the 
                          combined political and
                          religious powers under-
                          took the conditioning of 
                          the human reflexes to 
                          misconceive, mis-see,
                          or mostly not see at all
                          the macro-micro 
                          systems in which we 
                          Their success drew the
                          curtains on science for 
                          1700 years—until 1500 

100 BC Alexandria library

                           reputed to reached
                           700,000 manuscripts.
                           Fortunately, volumes in 
                           Alexandria were copied 
                           and distributed to 
                           libraries all around the 
                           civilized world of that 

47 BC 40,000 volumes of

                           Alexandrian library
                           burned during siege in
                           war between Caesar 
                           and Pompey.

272 AD Second burning of

                           Alexandrian library by
                           another Roman 

300 AD Compass, China

391 AD Third burning of

                           Alexandrian library by 
                           another Roman 

529 AD Closing of all


642 AD Final complete burning

                            of the library of 
                            Alexandria by Muslims 

Skip to 800 AD. Al-Khwarizmi, in

                            Baghdad, writes 
                            treatise in Arabic 
                            explaining function of 
                            ciphra and positioning 
                            of numbers.

1000 AD Leif Erikson reaches

                             Gun powder in China
                              First real lenses—

1200 AD Al-Khwarizmi’s 780-

                              AD “Treatise on 
                              Ciphra” translated 
                              into Latin published
                              in North Africa 

1270 AD Treatise on lenses—

                               Compound lenses—
                               Roger Bacon

1280 AD Spectacles

Skip to 1400 AD First book in

                                movable type,

Skip to 1440 AD Modern printing with

                                movable type in    

1460 AD Printing introduced

                                in England—Caxton

1590 AD Compound


1608 AD Telescope—