Christophe Guene

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“Christophe Guene is an economist dedicated to development and social finance in its most varied forms (microfinance, eco-banking, community finance, mutual banking, etc). He has worked with INAISE, the international network of ethical banks and investors in the social economy, making him aware of sector development, regulation and policy frameworks of such practices internationally, and in Europe in particular. He practiced microfinance in Europe (with Credal, a credit cooperative) and is a microfinance trainer for national networks in Europe and Africa, also developing financial instruments in microfinance and housing finance. He is also active in the development of complementary currency systems (LETS, time banks, clearing systems), including new technologies connected to this. He is a co-founder of SOFI, a not-for profit association of gathering professionals internationally similarly committed to the development of social finance and the domestication of money. Since 2012 he is located in Berlin to set up a self-help economics cooperative:”