Christian Pentzold

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"Christian Pentzold has been studying the practices and governance mechanisms of peer production for the past ten years. His research is broadly interested in the construction and appropriation of the social and technological environments that afford peer production and it examines the impact of free information in mediatized societies. His doctoral project presented the first in-depth study of the German speaking Wikipedia community. In 2014, he received the dissertation award of the German Communication Association. During the ethnographic inquiry, Christian was a visitor to the Oxford Internet Institute supported by a grant from the British Engineering and Physical Sciences Council. Currently, he is a Professor of Communication and Media at Chemnitz University of Technology. Before, he was an Associate Professor at the Center for Media, Communication and Information Research, University of Bremen, Germany. In his work on the production and governance of commons goods, Christian joins ideas from different schools and research directions.

Besides two books in German, his work on peer production has been published in leading communication journals such as New Media & Society, the International Journal of Communication, and Media, Culture & Society." (