Chinese Ecological Civilization Construction Indexes

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Congcong Wang:

"Many evaluation systems have been set up aiming to monitor and forecast the development of Ecological Civilization Construction. For example, Sustainable Development Index advanced by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Green Development Index established by Beijing Normal University, the Evaluation and Examination Systems for Ecological Civilization Construction of Development Research Center of the State Council. One famous and comprehensive quantitative evaluation on Ecological Civilization Construction goes to Ecological Civilization Construction Index (ECCI), which has been proposed in 2010 by the team of Beijing Forest University. Based on authoritative data released by the government, ECCI conducts an independent and impartial quantitative annual evaluation on the Ecological Civilization Construction on China(Yan, 2015). Annual Report on China’s Provincial Eco-Civilization Index(ECCI 2015) has been published in December 2015, which is a continuation of the previous version of the ECCI, regarding ecological condition, environmental quality, social development and the degree of coordination as the analysis variables. Under each variable, several indicators are put forward for measurement. Take “ecological condition” for example, forest covering rate, quality of forest, coverage for green land, effective protection of nature reserves and the proportion of wetland area have been taken into account for provincial evaluation index system. It is worth noting that “Environmental Quality” is considered to be most important indicator for China’s Ecological Civilization Construction by ECCI team." (

More Information

* Article: Reflections on China's Socialist Ecological Civilization Construction:Perspectives of Social-Ecological Transformation. By Congcong Wang.