Centre for Collective Intelligence Design

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= "exploring how human and machine intelligence can be combined to develop innovative solutions to social challenges".

URL = https://www.nesta.org.uk/project/centre-collective-intelligence-design/


"Collective intelligence is a diverse field, encompassing everything from citizen science to open innovation to data trusts. We want to champion what is already happening and support it to grow.

Our key activities are centred around:

  • Convening leading practitioners and academics from around the world to spread the practical skills and knowledge to design collective intelligence well
  • Researching collective intelligence design, including supporting others to generate new insights through our grants programme
  • Demonstrating how collective intelligence can generate public benefit through real-life applications in areas such as health and employment.
  • Creating common resources including toolkits and guides, that help simplify the process of designing collective intelligence.

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see the bio of co-director Kathy Peach