Centers for Consciousness Research

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  • ANU Center for Consciousness, Australia –

- works on developing conceptual frameworks for understanding experimental work in neuroscience and cognitive science

- combines work in philosophy and cognitive science

  • Center for Consciousness Studies, Arizona -

- works across philosophy, the cognitive sciences, neuroscience, the social sciences, medicine, and the physical sciences, the arts and humanities

- active on campus in sponsoring lectures, interdisciplinary seminars

- holds a major biannual conference on Consciousness Studies (established 1994)

- runs web courses

- seeks to develop a graduate studies program

  • Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies, California –

- hosts research into the scientific basis for meditative techniques

- also research into the potential for meditative techniques to be used in place of medication

- brings together Buddhists, neuroscientists, physicists, psychologists

  • Center for Mind and Brain, UC Davis, California –

Studies the human mind using interdisciplinary approaches from:

- social science (anthropology, economics, linguistics, philosophy and psychology)

- biological science (behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, physiology)

- engineering science (biomedical and electrical engineering, computer science)

- medical science (neurology, psychiatry and medical imaging)

Staff include mostly psychology, neurology, linguistics

Other examples include:

  • Carstensen Life-Span Development Lab (Stanford):

Research focused on the social, emotional, and cognitive processes that people use to adapt to life circumstances as they age.

  • Mindful Awareness Research Center (UCLA):

A research center whose focus is the study of mindful awareness, especially for the prevention and treatment of ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and related syndromes.

  • Mind & Life Institute

The Mind and Life Institute is dedicated to fostering dialogue and research at the highest possible level between modern science and the great living contemplative traditions, especially Buddhism.