Cenozoic Era

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Diane Pendola and Meganne Forbes:

"What is the work of Earth’s people at this critical junction of the human-cosmic journey? Cultural historian and geologian, Thomas Berry, suggests that we are at the end of a 67-million year venture called the Cenozoic Era. We are standing at the threshold of a new age. Will we choose to commit ourselves to what he calls the "technozoic," a future of increased exploitation of Earth as resource, all for the benefit of humans? Or will we commit ourselves to what he calls the "ecozoic," a new mode of human-Earth relations, one where the well being of the entire Earth community is the primary concern? Earth Liturgy brings to ritual expression the commitment to the dawning ecozoic age. The work of Earth Liturgy, Earth People’s Work, is quite simply, the work of communion."


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References provided by Diane Pendola and Meganne Forbes:

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