Cecile Blanchet on Energy as a Commons and Remunicipalization in Germany

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Video on the Remunicipalisation of the Energy System in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany, via https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=911&v=u2YOqg6MBQE


"Cecile Blanchet of the Commons Network explains why energy is a commons and how the people in Berlin and Hamburg put energy back into public hands, at the conference “A future without the NAM?” in Groningen, on 7 January, 2017. (long video)

At the conference social movements, civil society organisations and local political parties gathered to discuss the dismantling of the Dutch Petroleum Company (NAM).

The conference consisted of three sessions, focusing on local problems, providing inspiration from international cases and discussing plans for further action. TNI organised the international session in which Food & Water Watch campaigner Frida Keiningen, dissected the EU’s push for gas and discussed how to move beyond it. Cecile Blanchet, a Commons Network fellow, explained why energy is a commons and should be owned by the community. Global Justice Now campaigner Kahra Wayland-Larty a talked about her vision for energy democracy and why exactly democracy is so important. TNI researcher Daniel Chavez closed the panel by discussing what the Netherlands can learn from Uruguay and Costa Rica’s national energy policies.

Conference organisers: GIFT (Knowledge Earthquakes and Sustainable Development), GBB (Groningen Earth Movement), TNI (Transnational Institute), Friends of the Earth, SOMO (Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations), Christian Democrats (ChristenUnie), Green Left (Groenlinks), Party for the Animals (Partij voor de Dieren) and the Dutch Socialist Party (SP)."

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