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The goal of this project is to bring equity and democracy to the people of the world by establishing public, vested commons for the public good, and creating a Utilicontributist economy. Each phase is designed to be beneficial to the public, to be democratic, and to stand on its own merits. Vested commons are networked commons trusts, which are regional organizations. These organizations can be seen as trust "nodes" of the larger commons network. People opt-in to these trust voluntarily because of the benefits provided. The framework is constructed from Commons Purposes (link to vested commons purposes here), Principles of Organization, and Code of Conduct.

Project Phases

  1. Create Project proposal that defines framework for principles and institutional components, distribute, receive feedback
    • Collect criticism and input on framework, revise as necessary
    • Cross-reference work
    • Identify additional key individuals and organizations
  2. Create framework constitution/declaration
    • text, audio-video, "official" website, and possibly temporary foundation for coordinating information
  3. Get the word out, particularly to colleges and universities
  4. Regional creation of trusts, likely at colleges and universities, likely by students and activists
    • Help enable communication between trusts to increase effectiveness of peer production
    • Help identify key technologies needed and provide information to trust projects
  5. Use principles of nonviolent struggle to ensure public is able to build and network trusts

Regarding the name: for now it's under the Peertrust category, but called the Peer Trust Network Project, and I'm open to better names and terms.

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