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Secure, fast, and easy money transfer from A to B, at the cost of transmission. Trustworthy and transparent design and governance. Banktrusts networked together form the Money Commons.

Design Fundamentals

  • Credits can be saved, but no protected "banks" or accounts that charge or pay interest. Interest between users is discouraged, but not actively policed; at own risk.

Real World Case Studies


  • Not transparent or trustworthy
  • Has commerce critical mass, monopoly
  • Relatively easy? How could the process be easier for users?

QQ and QQ coins

  • Designed in 2002 in China, QQ coins could be bought with money (yuan) or "earned" through playing games (possible to use games like ESP, peekaboom to capture "human cycles?")
  • 2006, total trading volume in virtual items worth about $900 million, 45% of that used to buy Tencent items.
  • Developed as parallel currency, government forced to act


Currency transfer in most MMOs

Major Issues and Concerns

  • Exchange will happen with other currencies, like it or not (real-money trade, RMT). What problems will this cause? What design considerations are necessary?
  • Through what means can people acquire credits? Exchange, projects for the public good? Opting into propertytrust.

Possible Partners or Friends

A list of sites that should be considered when developing or standardizing a basic banktrust model.

Credentialtrust - component of Banktrust?


Anyone or anyplace I interact with only knows the bare minimum needed to identify me for my purpose of use. I control my private information.

Real World Case Studies

  •  ??? These examples are particularly weak.
  • Sxip
  • Steam