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Category initiated by Simon Grant on 2021-02-20


The intention of this category is to create the beginning of a small-scale knowledge commons around knowledge commons itself.

To this end, all knowledge commons researchers are invited to participate, as they are the principal commoners for this commons. The plan is to

  • add the this category to the bio pages of all researchers with an active interest in the topic
  • where it does not exist already, create a page for every academically citable paper or book explicitly about knowledge commons, to contain, to start with
    • citation details
    • an abstract, summary, or introductory passage
    • where applicable, contents
    • selected excerpts that appear most significant to reviewers (see below)
    • links to publicly available copies of the work
    • the name of the page chosen to fit in with the local conventions – the full title will anyway appear in the citation details.
  • include published reviews, where helpful
  • researchers in the area who have a bio page here and self-identify with this category may add their own unpublished review or commentary under their own linked name, and modify it at will.
    • any cited quotations should be added to the excerpts section
    • so as to keep the page readable, reviews / commentaries should be limited to around 500 words or less.

The intention is to provide a resource for all researchers in the area, so that they can see in one place several reviews by various researchers.

The Index

This is intended to contain mainly pages for researchers and research publications. Other pages directly related to knowledge commons may also be put in this category.