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= Crowdfunding project in Brazil


"Catarse, Brazil’s homegrown answer to the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. More than a simple Kickstarter clone, Catarse is open source. In a blog post the creators of Catarse declared their passion for collaboration and explained their rationale behind open sourcing the project: “By donating the work that we have done up to now, we are opening the possibility for people who identify with crowdfunding to [be] able to contribute to the evolution of the concept in Brazil.” Cannibalism is not just about copying ideas from abroad, but also “digesting” them to make them your own and to share them with your community.

Catarse’s openness is a core value, from its source code to its community. This openness has empowered social change makers to tap into the power of crowdfunding for their projects. Activist filmmakers working on a documentary about the controversial construction of the Belo Monte dam in the rainforest recently used Catarse to raise 140,010 Brazilian reais (approximately $76,000 U.S.) to fund the completion of the film. " (