Carrier Grade Linux

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= core of open architecture for telecommunications


Tammy Juan [1]

"Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) founded the Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) Working Group in 2002 to accelerate the adoption of Linux within the telecommunications industry. The CGL Working Group develops Linux specifications to satisfy carrier grade requirements. Members of the CGL Working Group include silicon providers, system suppliers, Linux distributors, telecom equipment manufacturers, network equipment providers, integration and service providers, application providers and carriers.

Companies that sell telecommunications products and services quickly adopted the specifications developed by the CGL Working Group. By 2006 when this study was conducted, the CGL Working Group had issued four major releases, seven companies had provided CGL 2.0 registered distributions, and dozens of companies had offered CGL products.

The CGL Working Group is a business ecosystem where member companies simultaneously cooperate and compete. They cooperate to increase the shared value that they mutually derive from the CGL initiative; they compete, sometimes fiercely, to increase the proportion of the total value that each can appropriate. In this business game of value creation and value appropriation, no single company owns the common platform that anchors the business ecosystem together." (