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"Carolyn Lee was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1948, and received her PhD from London University in 1981.

Following an academic career in the arts in the UK and Ireland, she has devoted herself to an in-depth study of the trends of human culture, contributing introductions and articles on the roots of positive global change to publications such as World Futures, Journal of General Evolution and the book Not-Two Is Peace by the World-Friend Adi Da. In 2009, she co-founded the Anthroposphere Institute, (of which she is currently the Vice-President of Research) which is dedicated to promoting education and action projects for the Global Commons. As part of this work, she took part in the civil society gathering held in Copenhagen in December 2009 (coincident with COP 15), in which she offered workshops (with Leo Burke) on “Acting Together at the Root of the Climate Crisis”. Her work is increasingly focused on exploring the ontology of the Global Commons from the point of view of the intrinsic unity of existence at every level. In May 2010 she offered a weekend workshop at Villa Unspunnen, Interlaken, Switzerland, on “Prior Unity: Paradigm for a New Civilisation”.

Since 2008, she has been collaborating with Leo Burke in developing competencies for bringing together the ontological dimension of prior unity with effective, sustainable action. Fundamental to the direction of her research is the conviction that a new approach to sustainability and human security is urgently needed--an approach that recognizes all of the Global Commons (physiosphere, biosphere, and noosphere)--as an undivided whole, or single total system, which calls for morally-enlightened action based on the working presumption of indivisibility, rather than on negotiation between presumed-to-be-separate interests."

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