Carbon Liberation Front

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From McKenzie Wark, who introduced the concept in his book, "Molecular Red":

"The history of the modern world from the French Revolution onwards is often thought of as a series of liberations — from tyranny, from mystification, and so on. Or, more positively, the liberation of the common people, of the slaves, of women, and so on. There’s even a movement now for animal liberation. But what if the thing that really got free in modern times was nothing human or even animal, but was an element: carbon? Capitalism runs on fossil fuels — on carbon. It “liberates” it from oil and coal deposits, runs the commodity economy on it, and dumps the waste carbon in the atmosphere and the oceans. So I coined the term “Carbon Liberation Front” as an ironic way of thinking about what transpired in the modern era, which is the era of the rise of capitalism." (