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= Crowdfunding T-shirt design



"Digital Stampede Inc., a Chicago-based online retailer, early last year launched, a site where free-lance designers post T-shirt ideas. Supporters invest $20 to $80 in designs they like. Once a design attracts $500, Cameesa arranges production and sells the shirt on the site, typically for $17 to $20. Designers earn a fee of $250, plus $2 per shirt after the first 250 sold. Supporters get a shirt and a small share of the revenue as store credit; for each shirt sold, $1.50 is split among the investors according to their share. When an investor's account on the site reaches $25, he or she can ask for a check.

Investors earn a few dollars on successful shirts, says Andrew Cronk, chief executive of Digital Stampede, who says his business is more a way of supporting designers than a tool for investors to make money. Supporters of designs that don't reach the $500 target can get reimbursed." (